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ASPCA Cat Care Manual Herriot's Cat Stories Cat Owners Home Vet talk to your cat Cat cartoons

Hi folks, Thomas here. It seemed to me that you cat lovers are always looking for good books about cats, so being the helpful type you know that I am, my mates and I have sorted out some books on cats that we know you'll enjoy. Click on the book cover to see more details about authors, contents, and so on. The first book above is the Complete Cat Care Manual from the ASPCA, written by Andrew Edney. Next to it is James Herriot's "Cat Stories", an absolute must if you haven't read it yet. The next book along the shelf is The Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, a very useful and easy to follow book to help you look after us cats. The next book tells you a bit about understanding us, "How to Talk to your Cat" should really be required reading for cat owners. And the last on the shelf above is a book of cartoons about cats taken from The New Yorker, called "The New Yorker Book of Cat Cartoons"; some of them are really funny.
Cat Care: 101 tips Is your cat crazy Cornell Book of Cats Cat Heaven Cat Caught my Heart

The first book on the above shelf is Andrew Edney and David Taylor's book "Cat Care: 101 Essential Tips". Then next to that is a book to help people with problem cats (is there such a thing?) called "Is your cat Crazy?". Then there's another really useful book full of information about cat health, first aid, home care, identifying different breeds, and so on. Its called "The Cornell Book of Cats" by Mordecai Siegal. Then there's a lovely story book about "Cat Heaven" by Cynthia Rylant; and the last book on that shelf is "Cat Caught my Heart" by Michael and Teresa Capuzzo, with stories of "wisdom, hope and purrfect love". Just click on the book covers for more information about a book.
Cat who tailed a theif Home Cat Vet Encyclopedia of the Cat The Artistic Cat Know your cat

Hi! We're very excited about our bookshelf because we found some great books on cats on the internet and we've put the best of them here for you to look at, with a link to where you can buy them. Just click on any of these books to find out more information such as the authors, contents, reviews and comments, and prices. But please, before you go, we haven't figured out how to bring you back automatically, so please BOOKMARK this page so you can find your way back.
The shelf of books above includes Jackson Braun's novel about "The Cat Who tailed a Thief"; next to it is "The Country Vet's Home Remedies for Cats" with lots of good advice about caring for us cats; then there's "The Encyclopedia of the Cat" by Bruce Fogle with great information; "The Artistic Cat" is next to it; and on the end is Bruce Fogle's book "Know your cat".
Click on the book covers to find out more information; and scroll down our page to see more books on cats.
Purina Encyclopedia of Cat Care Kittens book Cricket from Times Square Cat come home Iams Complete Cat owners manual

The row above shows "The Purina Encyclopedia of Cat Care" covering every aspect of cat care, and very well presented. Then there's a book called "Kittens" which is a lovely book for young people. The next book "The cricket in Times Square" is a lovely story book about a cricket and his friend the cat. "Cat, you better come home" is a story about a glamorous cat who leaves home to travel to Europe and become famous; and the last book on that shelf is the Iams "Complete Cat Owners Manual" written by Susie Page, a book to answer nearly all your questions about cats.

Thomas and his friends will add more books to his bookshelf soon. Please come back and visit us often!

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