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There are so many books about Glass Beads that we have divided our selection into three categories - books about glass beads in history, books about making glass beads, and books about jewelry using glass beads. Our selection only includes a few books covering glass beads in history, so these are at the front to make them easy to find. Then we move on to all those fascinating books about how to make glass beads and the final section is about using glass beads to make jewelry. Some of these are recent books but we have also included some older books that have turned out to be classic favourites. We hope you find something interesting - there are such a lot to choose from.

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Irish glass beads book Middle Eastern and Venetian Glass Beads 8thC to 20thC Glass Beads of Anglo-Saxon England c.AD 400-700 A Bead Timeline: Prehistory to 12th C Asia's Maritime Bead Trade 2002 Glass Beads in Ancient India Bead Inspirations 2012 Creating Glass Beads 2011 Glass Beads: Tips, Tools, Techniques, 2011 Complete Glass Beadmaking Glass Bead Workshop 2008 Major works by 40 glass masters, 2008 Know about Glass Beadmaking 2003 1000 Glass Beads 2004 Jenkins Beads of Glass Classic beads of Jim Smircich 2001 Making Glass Beads 1997 Create Glass Jewelry 2013 Jewelry designs with artisan beads 2013 Jewelry projects with Venetian glass beads 2012 Glass Bead Jewelry 2011 Art Bead Jewelry 2009 Beaders Handbook Lampwork 2009 Lampwork beads and glass jewelry 2008 Touch of Glass 2008 Design Jewelry with Glass Beads 2008 Creating Lampwork Beads 2007 Designs for Beaded Jewelfy 2006 Creative bead book 1995 Irresistible bead book 1996 new bead book 1992

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